JuicyDays.com - The Complete Guide to Successful Juicing & Juice Feasting
The Complete Guide to Successful
Juicing & Juice Fasting
For Health & Weight Loss
Get A Fresh Start In And Gain Clarity, Energy, & Inspiration!
 What Is Juice Feasting?
 How Is It Different From Juice Fasting?
 What Are The Results Of Doing A Juice Fast/Feast?
 *Why Does Juice Fasting Work So Well?
 Gaining Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Clarity
 *Where Do I Get My Protein While Juice Fasting?
 What About Fiber? Don’t I Need It?
 How Long Do I Have To Juice Fast For?
 Do I Have To Juice Fast? Can’t I Just Add Juice To My Diet?
 Can I Eat SOME Food When Juice Fasting?
 *How Much Does Juice Fasting Cost?
 Investing in YOU
 *Does My Produce Have To Be Organic?
 *How Much Juice Should I Drink?
 How Do I Know Which Juices To Make?
 The 3 Types of Juices
 Lemon Water in the Morning
 Drinking Your Daily Juices
 JUICERS: Picking the Right Juicer for YOU
 Which juicer do I recommend?
 How To Make Juice
 How Long Does Juice Last?
 Mason Jars
 *Going To Work While Juice Fasting
 *Where To Get Your Fruits & Vegetables
 What To Look For When Picking Your Produce
 Fruits To Stay Away From While Juice Fasting
 Making “Juice Packets”
 What To Do With Your Juice Pulp and Scraps
 Reviving Wilted Produce
 *Equipment & Supplements Needed For Your Juice Fast
 *The Psychological Preparation
 Creating a Countdown List
 *Dealing with Others: Friends and Family
 Where Can I Get More Support?
 Watch Juicy Videos on YouTube
 If You Get Hungry, Drink More Juice!
 Keeping Things Fresh: Don’t Get Bored
 Will Power Is The Key
 Have a Game Plan By Planning Ahead
 Don’t Let Laziness Hold You Down
 *ENEMAS: How To Do Them And Why They Are Important
 Getting Past the First 3 Days
 *The Emotional Release
 *I Feel Bloated! Why? And What Can I Do About It?
 Drinking Enough Pure Water
 Hot / Cold Showers or “Contrast Showers”
 Getting Enough Sleep
 *EXERCISE: Get Your Body Moving
 Basking In The Sun And “Getting Grounded”
 *How To Know When You’re Done
 *How to Break Your Juice Fast
 *Your Daily Diet After Juice Fasting
 Avoiding Overeating After Your Juice Fast
 I Did A Juice Fast! Now What?
 *How Often Can I Juice Fast?
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